Vraisemblable: Ich liebe Berlin - Comparando Berlín y París

Referencia de un post de Victoria Degtyareva de un blog del The Stanford Daily Online que habla de Berlín comparandolo con París en inglés cito :

It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend in a perfect city. Although Berlin is at least 700 years old, everything about it — the architecture, the food, the people, the nightlife — feels edgy, modern and young. Unlike Paris — which, in its quest to retain tradition and culture, is like a museum replica of a city stuck in the 18th century — Berlin is alive and constantly evolving.
Even the most youthful bars in Paris, unless I’ve just been going to the wrong places, have an oddly orderly feeling about them. They’re hip, but in that sense of hip where bouncers do a “wardrobe check” before letting you in and the cocktails are absurdly overpriced. The ones that are even the least bit “grungy” are inevitably Irish pubs. In Berlin, all rules go out the window.
And as much as I love Paris, Berlin is perhaps the coolest city I have ever visited. Paris is more beautiful and stately, of course, but it feels like its fate has already been decided. It was once home to the artists and to innovation, but now all we can do is admire what’s already there. In Berlin, on the other hand, even for the short weekend I was there, I felt like I was taking part in the city’s history.

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