Habitat Forum Berlin + NGO van ayudar a rejuvenecer Calcuta y las riveras del rio

Ciudades con una relación importante con el río o los ríos que las cruzan. Colaboración entre dos mundos, aporte de experiencia.

Habitat Forum Berlin, an NGO for housing and urban development, is keen to lend a hand in the rejuvenation of Calcutta’s riverfront.

The river here is special, but just like Berlin, Calcutta, too, has its back to the river,” lamented Günter Nest, a professor at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weibensee (school of art), an associate professor at the University School of Design in Mysore and the director of the forum.

“We can invite experts and planners from Europe’s great waterfront cities like Hamburg, Paris, London and Rotterdam to share their experience, besides involving artists, writers and even musicians for creative inputs,” the German urban design professor told Metro.

Nest’s teaching experience on Indian urban development in Mumbai dates back to 1991. “ Charles Correa was my counterpart in a seminar at the Festival of India in Germany that year, held in Berlin in collaboration with Werkbunde,” Nest recalled.

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  • NGO = Nichtregierungsorganisation = Organización no gubernamental
  • die Stadt = la ciudad
  • das Wasser = el agua