Para los americanos ahora Berlín y Europa es cara

Los norteamericanos hace muchos que estaban acostumbrados a tener una divisa fuerte, pero las circunstancias y la política del Sr. Bush les esta poniendo en el otro lado del muro. En todo se aprende, ahora no se si a muchos les gustará esta lección.
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Andrew Curry once loved going out
for dinner and drinks in Berlin, feeling far wealthier in the
German capital than he did at home in the United States.
With the dollar now worth about 20 percent less than when he
first arrived in 2005, the 30-year-old freelance journalist has
a leaner lifestyle.
I used to be able to brag that Berlin was really affordable
but now my rent actually works out on par with Washington and
New York
The weak dollar and recent tax laws are hurting many of the
350,000 or so Americans who live in the European Union,
especially those who are paid in dollars.
"I can't complain because the Americans have had it round
the other way for years. I'm in my 60s and I've been coming here
since I was 19 and most of that time I've been able to eat in
great restaurants for very little money,
About 50,000 Americans moved to Germany in 2006, according
to the German statistics
The exchange rate is really hurting pensioners who are
trying to live in Europe on a dollar income
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eau de blog ha dicho que…
Hola Carles,

te leo a diario y te sigo con interés y cariño, ya que yo también viví en Alemania (Trier) hasta hace un par de años.

Me gustaría saber tu opinión con respecto a la última entrada de mi blog.Un saludo fuerte. Macht's gut!