R.E.M. acaba su nuevo album en Berlín

Guitarist Peter Buck of United States rock ban...El guitarrista Peter Buck de R.E.M. imagen de la WikipediaR.E.M. Complete New Album in Berlin - Spinner:

"From David Bowie and Iggy Pop taking up residence in the 1970s through to Nick Cave recording while the Wall collapsed and the early 1990s metamorphosis of U2 from po-faced preachers to ironic superstars, Berlin -- and, more specifically, Hansa studios -- have long been associated with reinvention and bold musical steps.
Now stepping up to the plate are R.E.M., who have announced that they've finished recording their 15th album there with Jacknife Lee on production duties."

Berlín esta asociado a la reinvención de muchos artistas del pop  como David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, U2,.. especialmente de la mano de los Hansa Tonstudios... El grupo musical R.E.M ha finalizado su 15° álbum en Berlín con el productor Jacknife Lee
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